WED Talks

AWFS®Fair WED (Wood EDucation) Talks are short inspirational presentations by experts and wood industry community members on the topics about which they are passionate…including workforce development, Lean manufacturing, new products, and more!

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Watch the Recording   Wednesday, July 26, 2023
  Presenter Name 2023 WED Talk Session Title
Jane Dagmi’s WED Talk Jane Dagmi High Point Renaissance
Eric Marshall’s WED Talk Eric Marshall Closet Gold
Brian Boggs’ WED Talk Brian Boggs Challenging the Myths of the Self-taught Craftsman, Original Design, and the Handmade Object





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2021 AWFS®Fair WED Talks

2021 WED Talk Video Presenter Name 2021 WED Talk Session Title
Kelly’s WED Talk Kelly Victor-Burke Find Your Voice, Find Your Workforce: How to Start Spreading the News on Careers at Your Company and in the Wood Industry
Brad’s WED Talk Brad Cairns LEAN, gets started today! …Where to Start, Why, and How
Chris’s WED Talk Chris Hedges On the Chasing of Dreams: My Life as a Woodworker and Educator
Harold’s WED Talk Harold Greene HandMade: My Life in Craft
Justin’s WED Talk Justin Stabb The Generator: Accelerating the Industry through Access to Technology



2019 AWFS®Fair WED Talks

2019 WED Talk Video Presenter Name 2019 WED Talk Session Title
Watch Patrick’s Video Patrick Molzahn Developing the Next Gen Workforce:
Where to find them and how to motivate them.
Watch Whitney’s Video Whitney Pyle The Industry’s Secret Weapons
Watch Thomas’ Video Thomas Allott Generational Collaboration
Watch Scott’s Video Scott Grove The GrovEvolution: Scott Grove’s Creative Force
Watch Kayleen’s Video Kayleen McCabe Great Careers Have Multiple Pathways to Success
Watch Wendy’s Video Wendy Maruyama Social Activism Through Woodworking
Watch Judson’s Video Judson Beaumont Putting the FUN Back in Furniture
Watch Norm and Nathan’s Video Norm Abram & Nathan Gilbert Inspiring the Next Generation of Skilled Workers