AWFS®Fair is proud to be earth-minded as we recognize our trade show has an impact on the environment. Through our sustainability efforts we are continually striving to identify, understand and address these impacts to achieve continual improvement show after show. Our areas of focus continue to be waste management, food supply and donation, energy and water conservation, sustainability procurement, and community engagement.

Waste Management

  • A full back of house sort occurs during the show to maximize waste diverted from the landfill
  • 3-bin systems (recycle, compost, landfill) are placed in various location of the venue
  • Staff Meals are served on recycled and sustainable materials
  • All cardboard is broken down to be recycled which is diverted from the landfill
  • Freeman offers booth recycling and donation

The Destroy Responsibly Program is a partnership of AWFS®Fair, WEIMA America, Freeman and the Las Vegas Convention Center and will be back for the 2023 AWFS®Fair. WEIMA America supplies a shredder system, complete with infeed and discharge conveyors.  All wood waste from the show floor is transported to a local Las Vegas location.

Click here to read about WEIMA’s participation in the AWFS®Fair.


  • Metrics tracking of energy, water and waste during move-in/move-out and show days
  • No HVAC during move-in/move-out
  • Lighting is set to a reduced level of 50% during move-in/move-out days
  • Escalators are shut off during move-in/move-out days

The Las Vegas Convention Center has one of the most extensive sustainability programs in the venues worldwide.  Check out all of the amazing efforts they have in place including water reduction, emissions reduction, waster reductions and social change.


Donation of shredded materials to local Las Vegas locations. In the past the Destroy Responsibly program as made donation to UNLV, The Springs Preserve, The Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary and other various benefactors in the Las Vegas area.

Working closely with the Animal Foundation of America to outfit their centers with cabinets and fixtures as well as helping stray animals to find their forever homes through adoption.

Donation of waste wood from the show floor to Toys for Smiles which turns wood scraps into toys for children.

Materials Procurement

Sustainable Booth Packages available through Freeman
Continued partnership with Freeman to procure more sustainable products including:

  • Recyclable signage
  • Reuse and or donations of banners and carpets-only recycling after several uses
  • Shredding of material waste from show floor