The Generator: Accelerating the Industry through Access to Technology

In a world of advanced technology, how do you gain traction for a prototype or new product launch without costly equipment to carry the load? The answer is The Generator, a catalyst that provides access for fabricators to state-of-the-art equipment typically inaccessible to start-ups and small companies. Discover how this project accelerates the woodworking industry and provides access to technology for all.



About Justin Stabb

Craftsman of the fusion between engineering and design, Justin Stabb is the owner of Stabb Designs based in High Point, NC. Stabb’s early career as a manufacturing engineer allowed him to understand the nuances of function, but his imagination and creativity drove him to entrepreneurship in order to push the boundaries of possibility for clients whose needs extend beyond major manufacturers or local vendors. He specializes in “dream-making,” a concept he uses to describe a way to test the limits of technology while implementing a palette of materials to solve unique problems. His work includes engineering design, advanced fabrication, and turnkey installation to create a seamless experience for clients in a variety of industries. He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and recently initiated the launch of The Generator, a project that enables access of state-of-the-art technology to start-ups and small companies in the heart of the Furniture Capital.


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