WE61: Finishing Failures – Is It the Coating or Our Process?

Diane Shattuck

Failures in our finishes can always be dialed back to three main reasons. In this class we will expose the three evils spawns. Understanding what, why, and how these are happening is the first step into getting your profits and scheduling back on track. We will troubleshoot the many problems we face so many times in our finish department and learn simple tricks that will give you consistency, durability and trouble-free finishes We all can master the application of the products, but is it just that? Why can we spray it beautifully but still have things go a rye? Recognizing the obstacles before they happen can get you to the finish line faster and with no rework. Let’s start having positive actions instead of the madness of reactions when it comes to our finishes.

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July 26, 2023 11:30 am