Scott Swaaley

Scott Swaaley is the founder of MAKESafe Tools, Inc. and his diverse set of skills lends to a unique perspective on manufacturing, technology, entrepreneurship, and human behavior. As a licensed professional engineer, he has worked in both design and production environments and has expertise in everything from software development and electrical design to supply chain management, metal fabrication, energy economics, and machinery maintenance. His work across different industries has been recognized in four documentary films yet he’s most often found on the shop floor of his own small manufacturing business. Through his company MAKESafe Tools, he now focuses solely on machinery safety and the intersection of regulation, injury prevention, technology, and human behavior. He’s an active participant in the standards and regulatory process with OSHA and is currently working with federal funding from NIOSH to develop a new generation of advanced machine safeguards. And to top it all off, his years of teaching and public speaking means he knows how to distill complex information into fun and engaging workshops.

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