Lois Snyder

Lois Snyder is the CEO of Periwinklers, an architectural millwork company specializing in restaurants and located in Tarpon Springs Florida. She has spent a lifetime as a craftsman and cabinet maker. Periwinklers was founded six years ago with her husband, Matthew Searle, who is a minority owner.

Lois holds a BFA in Woodworking from State University of New York, college at New Paltz. Upon graduation moved to Brooklyn New York, and founded Benedek/Snyder Designs, specializing in residential and commercial cabinetry. As a craftsperson and small business owner Lois works closely with designers and
architects to help them achieve their intentions, she is hands-on with a broad set of skills, including design, CAD, CNC programming, production, finishing, and

Lois currently serves on the Board of the Cabinet Makers Association (CMA). Also is a member of the Architectural Woodworking Institute and is licensed by their Quality Certification Program. Periwinklers has received awards for their work from the American Institute of Architects and the Cabinet Makers Association.

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