Doug Hague

Doug HagueDoug Hague is the CEO of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). His passion is architectural wood products: the materials, the mastery of engineering and design, the process and efficiency of fabrication, flawless finish, perfect installation, as well as all the principles of business required to maintain all the items prior.

His studies began early on in 4-H and high school shop class. Doug achieved a BST in Wood Technology from Pittsburg State University. After 4 years of industry experience he returned to PSU and graduated with a MS in Career and Technical Education. Doug went on to teach Wood Technology for 9 years earning the title of Associate Professor. Today he is a self-proclaimed wood nerd. Beware conversations are never short!

A husband and dad of 3, always on the go to kids’ activities. Loves woodworking, but also enjoys cheering for his sports teams and making family memories. It is an honor to be at AWFS and learn from each of you!

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