Denny Jahnz

Denny Jahnz, owner of Cabinet ReNu in Mankato, Mn. has been a cabinetmaker and professional finisher for 30 years. His company offers a wide range of services ranging from cabinet refinishing to custom kitchens.

Early on he was looking for solutions to be able to safely spray cabinets in clients’ homes with products that were safer for his clients’ health and also were not flammable so he started his journey into waterbased coatings. In the 90’s there was very little information available and no products available locally, so he began researching on the internet and purchasing products online that were shipped to test and that is how he became an early proponent of waterbased products.

Today he uses his years of knowledge to continually improve his services for his customers as well as to mentor and train new businesses that are starting in the industry.

In his spare time, he loves to hunt with his dogs, fish, spend time in the outdoors and play with his new granddaughter.


See Denny in: WE71: Water-based Coatings for Wood



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