Betsy Natz

Over the past 30 years, Betsy Natz has managed trade associations in the Washington, DC area. These associations include the Styrene Information and Research Center, the Formaldehyde Council, Inc., The Institute of Clean Air Companies and now as CEO of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.  Prior to Ms. Natz’ association assignments, she worked for two US Senators, John Danforth (R-MO) and Frank Murkowski (R-AK). In addition, during the George W. Bush Presidency she did a brief stint at the US FDA. In 1980 – 1981 she campaigned and worked for President Elect Reagan.  She is a graduate of American University.

See Betsy in: TH86: The Carbon Denominator: If You Build with Wood, the World’s Most Powerful Sustainability Story is Already Yours

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