New Product Entries

Don’t Miss The Best Dollar for Dollar Promotional Opportunity at the 2019 AWFS®Fair!

Trade shows have long been vehicles for entire industries to gather under one roof for a very limited (albeit often frenetic) timeframe during which vendors are able to meet face-to-face with their customers and either conduct or initiate a great deal of business over the course of a few days.  Even in today’s world where so much business takes place online, it will never truly replace the in-person experience, especially when it comes to seeing new products which is still the number one reason that buyers attend shows in the first place.

In 2019, the “Visionary” New Product Awards and Showcase will once again be featured at the biennial AWFS®Fair in Las Vegas, July 17-20, 2019.  This year’s product categories will include: Industry 4.0; Machinery Over $50,000; Machinery Under $50,000; Power Tools; Hardware; Components; Tooling; Software; Raw Materials; and Plastics Machinery/Supplies.

Highlighting the very latest advanced IOT technology the 2019 Fair has to offer, the Industry 4.0 Showcase will be located next to the new products and both Showcases will take center stage in the grand lobby of the Convention Center outside of the main entrance to the exhibit hall.

The fee to enter the Visionary Awards and Showcase, is only $175 for AWFS® members and $200 for non-members, representing the most cost-effective promotional opportunity the Fair has to offer.  In addition, whether or not a product is selected as a finalist, all entries will be guaranteed a spot in the Showcase for the duration of the show.

There is no charge to be included in the Industry 4.0 Showcase (unless exhibitors want their product to be judged in the Visionary Awards).  Exhibitors may enter either Showcase using the same website listed above at:

First Time Exhibitors May Enter the First Time Exhibitor Showcase, Free!

Exhibitors new to AWFS®Fair may enter the First Time Exhibitor Showcase at no charge (unless the product is entered into the Visionary Award, in which normal entry fees would apply).  This Showcase will also be located adjacent to the other Showcases in the grand lobby and is an exceptional way for exhibitors, new to the Fair, to gain exposure to thousands of buyers making their way onto the show floor.  First Time Exhibitors may visit  in order to be included in the First Time Exhibitor Showcase.

Please note that all entries must be received by May 24th and exhibitors should consult the Artcall website and AWFS®Fair marketing manual for complete rules and instructions.  Showcase and Award information and entry form may be found on pages 21-25 of the 2019 Exhibitor Marketing Opportunities manual.