First Time Exhibitor Showcase

There is no charge for First Time Exhibitors to enter the First Time Exhibitor Showcase unless you want your product to be judged in the Visionary Awards.

If you do want the product to be judged, the Visionary New Product Awards Showcase entry form, found here must be submitted, along with payment and an online submission must be made at

Please note: When submitting your entry, for the Visionary New Product Award, DO NOT select First Time Exhibitor as a Main Category but rather choose a category that you would like your product to be considered for.

If you simply want your product to be included in the First Time Exhibitors Showcase and not become an award contestant, you may submit your entry free of charge into the First Time Exhibitor Showcase, by selecting First Time Exhibitor under the Main Category Menu and answer any of the questions you may believe are applicable under the Visionary New Product Awards online application.

Any questions should be directed to Angela Hernandez at or at (800) 946-2937.