Exhibitor Service Center

Welcome to the AWFS®Fair 2023 Exhibitor Service Center!

This area of the web site is for current exhibitors only, and is to be used to manage the exhibiting process. Please check back often for updates and additional information as you plan your show.

Please note: The Fair has changed to a Tuesday-Friday show day pattern with distributor/dealer day on Monday.

Booth Design Rules 2023

2023 Exhibitor MARKETING KIT
2023 Exhibitor SERVICE KIT

Exhibitor Newsletter

View the Exhibitor Newsletter for upcoming deadlines, updates, and tips on how to maximize your presence at AWFS®Fair 2023.

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Exhibitor Move-in Floor Plan

See for your booth’s color designation as it relates to the check-in time. Please keep in mind your schedule when booking your room. – Exhibitor Move-In Map

Exhibitor Insurance

Each exhibitor must have current Exhibitor Liability Insurance on file with AWFS Fair.  Please click here to purchase from our preferred vendor or you are welcome to send your own to us as well. Learn more.


There is a  Invite-a-Customer program within the registration process.  This is a complementary option and you can invite customers/guests with a link. This link is available within your registration process on your exhibitor dashboard. Guest passes are unlimited. For further instructions on this program, click here.

For step by step instructions on how to send a code to your customers, watch the video here.

Beware of Imposters and Unofficial Vendors

In the months leading up to the AWFS®Fair, sometimes exhibiting companies are contacted by individuals that claim to represent AWFS®Fair – often selling advertising in fake show directories or offering “attendee lists” for sale. Don’t be tricked! Here’s what you should look for:

  • Emails from AWFS®Fair will come from the domain “@awfs.org” – if someone contacts you from an unfamiliar domain, please check it against our list of approved service providers (when available – found in the exhibitor service kit) or forward the email to kim@awfs.org to verify the source.
  • There is only one official show daily for AWFS®Fair  and it will be distributed inside the convention center. Woodworking Journal is NOT affiliated with AWFS®Fair. Our contracted hotels will not be distributing the show directory and or any magazines or journals at there hotel.
  • AWFS®Fair does not share attendee contact information so our registration lists cannot be purchased. As such, beware of any company that promises to sell you an attendee list.

Our team is here to help you make the most of your time and investment at the AWFS®Fair. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us at awfssales@awfs.org and we would be happy to assist you.

Cancellation Policy

As of today we are confident that AWFS®Fair 2023 will be a live in-person event in Las Vegas, NV.  As a show team we are confident that with the distribution of the vaccines and state governance indicating that they see the value in Trade Shows and the need to have them for local and state economies gives us confidence that in July 2023 things will continue to move-forward as they currently are.