WE57: Succession Planning: Preparing to Transition the Business to the Next Generation, Key Employees or a Strategic Buyer

Consulting firm Accenture estimates that by 2060, $30 trillion will transfer from senior generations to younger ones: it will be the greatest transfer of wealth in American history. Behind this great wealth transfer are private, family-owned businesses. There are several considerations for business owners moving forward. Our panel of experts will explore important topics including:

  • The decision to sell or retain the business within the family
  • Considerations for passing the business to children, key employees, or selling to a strategic buyer
  • Best practices for transitioning the business to the next generation
  • Possible changes to estate and income tax legislation impacting business owners
  • Strategies to reduce tax lability in a transition or sale
  • Current trends in selling and refinancing a business
  • Strategies to maximize the value of your business

Ryan Martinez

Kirk Michie

Whitney Pyle





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July 26, 2023 11:30 am