TU45: Marketing Your Program: Are You Getting Anyone’s Attention?

Mark Smith

Let’s face it, you are busy teacher. You have all the normal teaching activities to deal with and a classroom/shop to maintain. Time is precious and you have little of it, but marketing your program inside and outside the school is something you should be making time for! This presentation will talk about why you should market your program, how to market your program, and what free tools are available to market your program. The following is a list of tangibles for marketing your program that will be discussed:


-program supporters
-industry partners
-internship opportunities
-career exploration
-career opportunities
-technical support
-field trips
-government relationships
-program recognition
-revenue streams
-leveraged celebrity recognition
-student recruitment
-in-kind donations
-and influence with school administration.

To see a preview of one of Mark’s online marketing tools go to www.rchsit.weebly.com.

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July 25, 2023 3:30 pm