TU39: From Design to Automation: Leveraging Technology in Woodworking


Justin Stabb

Join Justin for an enlightening talk on how his design-build company has embraced the latest in manufacturing technology. Using Solidworks and Swood-based 3D CAD modeling with integrated CAM and nesting functionality, they streamline their design process, reduce shop labor hours, and produce highly precise and consistent parts. This workflow allows Justin and his team to efficiently create both one-off custom projects and production products while saving designs for future use. Additionally, their use of Cobots for machine tending and pick-and-place operations not only increases efficiency and productivity on low volume, high mix jobs, but also elevates existing staff to implement technology, freeing them from manual labor. Come learn how Justin’s woodworking company is leading the way in using technology to enhance employee engagement, increase efficiency, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape.


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July 25, 2023 1:30 pm