TH88: Unlimited Quality Employees! How Spending One Hour a Week Will Keep You Staffed Now, and in the Future

John Stearns

Are you struggling to find quality candidates through the traditional channels? Website referrals, Employability centers, and other “traditional” ways to hire are hit and miss. How many employees have you hired that spend a week or two and then no call no show?

It’s time to think differently about hiring. John will show you how you can spend an hour a week mentoring future employees in a local high school. Topics covered include How to meet and market your experience to a local school. What kind of school should you look for? How to work with educators. When to pass and move on to another teacher/school. What young people are missing in their education and how you can fill the gaps? Are internships a good fit for you?

Based on experience, these young men and women will not only thrive under your mentorship, but they will be loyal to you and your company.

How can you afford not to spend the time back in school?


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July 27, 2023 11:30 am