Shaper Origin + Plate + Hardware Catalog

Physical hardware templates are a thing of the past thanks to the combination of Shaper Plate and the ShaperHub Hardware Catalog. Plate’s wide array of indexing options make it easy to align against any workpiece edge, corner, or even bespoke mark, making it ideal for any hardware installation. And with the ShaperHub Hardware Catalog, users have free access to hundreds of Shaper-vetted digital templates at their fingertips, no bulky templates or single-use customized jigs required. So whether you’re replacing damaged hinges or adding custom hardware to bespoke work to give it that added touch of style, Plate + Hardware Catalog makes it simple to tackle any localized cutting operation with repeatable ease and precision.

By the end of this presentation, the audience will have:

  1. Learn how to use Origin + Plate for easy hardware installation
  2. Showcase Shaper’s free Hardware Catalog for hundreds of digital templates to eliminate use of bulky or single-use templates
  3. Show how Origin + Plate + Hardware Catalog together can make any localized cutting operation more efficient with repeatable ease and precision

Exhibitor: Shaper Tools, Booth #809


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July 25, 2023 11:00 am