Make Custom Cabinets with No Programming Knowledge

Learn how you can create custom cabinets, closets, stair stringers, furniture, moldings, doors, drawer boxes and more with no programming knowledge necessary. This is a game changer for shops looking to compete in the world of custom millwork. Remain a cabinet shop, focused on making custom cabinets, instead of a software company, worried about learning difficult and expensive software. Get into production quickly (in as little as half a day), compared to as much as six months with a regular CNC router. You will also no longer need a CNC programmer or operator with extensive knowledge of tooling, feed speeds and holddown methods. Learn how almost anyone can walk up the machine, pick out part(s), select their desired quantities/sizes and make it.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to preserve woodworking culture after automating
  2. How to enhance your existing skills and experience after automating
  3. How to increase your profits with smart choices.


Exhibitor: Thermwood Corporation, Booth #1723


All Rapid Fire sessions take place at AWFS®Fair Live, booth #4780.

Rapid Fire sessions are FREE to all registered AWFS®Fair attendees, no advance session registration required.

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July 26, 2023 10:20 am