TU34: Robots in the Booth – Evolution of the Finish Room

Mike Rendel, Robotic Solutions, LLC

Automate or Evaporate: This universal mantra touches every facet of today’s wood manufacturing industry. First it was computers, then CNC machining centers, and now: ROBOTS! Everyone sees the future, “But…how do I get my operation there?” From a Return-on-Investment perspective, this workshop will present today’s major finish room automation innovations, including: Product delivery systems, automated spraying robots, fluid delivery systems, curing technologies, equipment integration issues, and programming and controls. Videos and 3D-simulations will illustrate how these new technologies are incorporated into existing finish rooms, and costs will be addressed. The ROI impacts will highlight quality, rework, labor, safety, capacity, transfer efficiency, waste, and environment.

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July 20, 2021 1:30 pm