TH53: Improve Vacuum Clamping on CNC Routers through Gasketing Products and Techniques

Mike Murphy

Today, the majority of CNC routers that are fabricating parts rely on existing vacuum pump systems to hold the parts. Facilities will spend large amounts of time and resources sourcing their routers, the proper software, the necessary tooling, the right employees, and the perfect materials to make their parts with. But when it comes time to actually make that part and holding it successfully with vacuum, it is ultimately a simple PASS/FAIL test: were we able to hold the part – yes or no? If that answer is NO, then it is because the vacuum was not performing efficiently enough, and the only way to improve vacuum pressure and vacuum hold is with gasketing products. These are the tools that can seal an edge, prevent vacuum loss and change the environment from a simple down-draft system to one that utilizes vacuum clamping. This is completely different science and one that is far, far superior when it comes to holding parts.


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July 22, 2021 11:30 am