ARDIS – Cutting Edge Manufacturing Software

Affordable resource planning and MES. Made specifically for the sheet cutting industry. Standard solutions developed using knowledge of industry-specific issues. Standard connections with all machinery used by the industry, reducing scanning time loss. Standard connection with cutting plan optimization. This enables you to boost performance of your manufacturing operation.

Accumulate your orders into one single pool and we provide a complete overview of manufacturing processes. Orders can come from anywhere e-ordering CAD/CAM, ERP or existing BOM orders. High level planning ensures a complete overview for the future. This means bottlenecks can be determined in advance and everyone has an overview of what is possible and how to solve bottlenecks.

Finally everything is sent directly to production in the right finishing order. Online feedback about the production status and location is communicated to all relevant parties. Performance of operators and machines can be measured via reports and the dashboard.

In this session you will learn:

  • Awareness of possibilities for your plant
  • Easy Overview of plant operations
  • Identifying and solving production bottlenecks

Exhibitor: ARDIS US Inc


All Rapid Fire sessions take place at AWFS®Fair Live, booth #4681.

Rapid Fire sessions are FREE to all registered AWFS®Fair attendees.

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July 20, 2021 10:10 am